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Initially, Dorna came highly recommended to us for training our incorrigible young horse . Our daughter was an inexperienced rider and she was paired with a mount which was wholly unsuitable for her.  Dorna worked tirelessly with both the horse and our daughter. In the end, we decided to sell that particular horse and purchase another more appropriate horse for our daughter. Our experience with Bel Mont Farm and Dorna was so positive, we entrusted her to train our daughter on her new horse. From a team which was wary of each other, she developed them into the 2019 Horse of the Year, Zone 3, High Children’s champion.  

Dorna’s training is methodical and works to improve the rider’s skill both physically and mentally. Additionally, she identifies each horse’s strength and deficiencies and formulates training plans to improve their weaknesses and highlight their power.  She is the consummate horsewoman melding experience with science to produce winners.  Michelle Mahoney is an excellent addition to the Bel Mont Farm team as she provides encouragement and insight to the riders on the team. Her attention to detail in the horse’s care is second to none. She promptly identifies any problems with the horse’s health and is quick to suggest and implement solutions.  From the grooms to the trainers, one can rest assured that your horse and rider will receive professional and exceptional care at Bel Mont. Moises, the head groom, provides unmatched care and always ensures that the horses are looking and feeling their best. Bel Mont Farm’s staff works to establish a positive environment where every rider can succeed, and every horse is a champion.


- Teresa Hetherington

Deuce and I started training with Dorna over ten years ago.  I bought Deuce as a four-year old, off-the-track thoroughbred with limited training -- perhaps not the perfect choice for a first horse, but it was love at first sight and I felt Deuce was the right horse for me.  As with many such romantic notions, I was soon disabused of this idea.  In order to be competitive in the hunter ring, we had a lot of work ahead of us.  Although we were both relatively new to the show ring, Dorna trained us as seriously and rigorously as her most experienced clients.  Dorna patiently and steadily brought Deuce from the hopeful hunters to his first hunter derby (where he came in second).  I can now say with confidence that Deuce is the right horse for me, and I have Dorna and her team at Bel Mont to thank for it.


- Nikki McGinnis

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I have known Dorna Taintor since February 2011 when I brought a problem horse to her at Joe Fargis’ recommendation. Since then, despite the distance (I live north of Baltimore), I have boarded numerous horses at Bel Mont Farm.  For the past 3 years she has trained my son in Hunter, Jumper and Equitation.  Her training methods are traditional, methodical and have proven to be quite effective.  When Bailey started with her, he was jumping 2’6”, both in and out of the ring.  In just three short years, she has made him a solid 1.15m rider. 
The horse care that she provides is unparalleled; every consideration is given to the horses’ soundness and saneness.  I never worry that my horses aren’t taken care of exactly to my specifications.  It is her attention to detail that allows our horses to perform at the top of their game.
The atmosphere at the barn is wonderful; we are like a family.  We all look out for each other and jump in to help as needed.  Finding Dorna has been such a blessing.  I highly recommend her as both a trainer and a horse care provider.

- Tamara Doloff

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